Speaking at Layar events in New York and San Francisco

Layar hosted two events in New York and San Francisco this summer, and I was invited to speak at both of them about the technology side of layer development. As a member of the Layar Partner Network I represented this Layar collaboration network with all its members who dedicated their Mobile AR development business to Layar. The main goal of the events was to encourage more U.S. developers, brands and agencies to engage with the Layar platform but also to learn about local needs and insights. Read more…

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Hoppala Augmentation – Augmented Reality Layar CMS out now

Hoppala Augmentation provides an easy way for non-technical creatives to start experimenting with augmented reality and Layar. Create your own augmented reality experiences with just some mouse clicks and publish your work at Layar, the world‘s largest augmented reality platform.

Hoppala Augmentation comes with a full screen map interface to place and edit augments all around the world. Upload your images and icons, audio, video and 3D multimedia content with just some mouse clicks and add it to your personalized inventory in the cloud. Hoppala Augmentation even does the hosting for you. It simply runs in your browser, there’s no software installation required and no coding needed at all.

Read more…

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Panel at 2bAhead ThinkTank

More than 200 CEOs, innovation managers and marketing strategists met at the 9th 2bAHEAD Innovation Think Tank at Schloss Oelber near Braunschweig, Germany, from 15.6.-16.6.2010, to discuss the most important trends of the next 10 years. It was a great honour to join a panel discussion about “Life in Augmented Realities – Entering the DATA Economy” together with Dale Herigstad, Chief Creative Officer at Schematic, Xavier Bringué, Vice President IPTV and Digital Home at Orange France Telecom Group and Carsten Kraus, CEO at Omikron. Read more…

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Hoppala company video

Finally we have our first real company video! Founder and CEO Marc René Gardeya tells you about our work in the Mobile Augmented Reality industry. Hoppala is building content and content creation tools for Mobile Augmented Reality. We are building tools for everybody to create your own Mobile Augmented Reality experiences. We are one of the world’s leading Layar agencies and Germany’s first member of the Layar Partner Network. Read more…

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Berlin Wall 3D

The Berlin Wall is back – in Augmented Reality! Experience german history at an historical place, right in the middle of germanys capital. Use your handset to follow the wall at the former border line at Brandenburg gate, the Reichstag and Potsdamer Platz and experience the Berlin Wall in it‘s original size. Do you have an idea how it feels to have this huge concrete barrier right next to you? Go and find out. It‘s incredible! Read more…

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Speaking at Mobile Monday Düsseldorf

This month’s Mobile Monday Düsseldorf was all about Augmented Reality and why AR will be the future for mobile communications. More and more services are being developed to serve information at current locations and the vicinity. Layar is one of the leading platforms for Mobile Augmented Reality. I introduced the Layar platform and some of the latest usecases from all around the world. Read more…

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Interview with RTL at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Yesterday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I talked to team from german TV station RTL for an interview about Mobile Augmented Reality. MWC is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. And this year we saw a remarkable headstart of many Android handsets from various manufacturers which is very interesting from a Mobile AR point of view since most of these new devices are AR capable. Also Samsung introduced its new Bada platforma, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 and Layar won two awards at the Mobile Premier Awards. Read more…

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Stuttgart Region Clusters

Stuttgart Region Clusters visualizes various industry clusters in the Stuttgart Region, South Germany, in Augmented Reality. The idea was to put location information back into it’s location context. We visualized former tabular raw data in Augmented Reality using simple dot clouds. More or less dense clouds represent the number of companies of a specific industry in that specific region or district.

Using Stuttgart Region Clusters on a Layar equipped mobile phone provides a totally new user experience on industry cluster representation, best done from an exposed view point. Therefore I went up the Stuttgart TV tower to show the power of AR industry cluster visualization from 150 meters above the city’s rooftops. By the way: the Stuttgart TV tower was the world’s first TV tower, it was built in 1954 and it’s 217 meters high. Read more…

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