Interview with RTL at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Yesterday at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I talked to team from german TV station RTL for an interview about Mobile Augmented Reality. MWC is the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. And this year we saw a remarkable headstart of many Android handsets from various manufacturers which is very interesting from a Mobile AR point of view since most of these new devices are AR capable. Also Samsung introduced its new Bada platforma, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 and Layar won two awards at the Mobile Premier Awards.

Samsungs move to come up with its very own platform called Bada is a very interesting move. They presented Bada on their new devices at a huge booth, and I must say, it was pretty impressive. The overall user experience was quite adorable, the devices came with bright and crispy color Super AMOLED displays, they were fast and I immediately felt comfortable using it. It’ll be interesting to pay attention to Samsungs strategy with Bada.

One of the very exciting announcements of MWC 2010 surely was the announcement of a new series of mobile devices running Microsoft’s future mobile operation system Windows Phone 7 Series. Yes, we will certainly see more competition going on in the mobile consumer space in the near future, and I wouldn’t want to count Microsoft out of the game. However, the first devices won’t be available as of the end of this year.

Me and Raimo van der Klein (CEO, Layar)

Layar was voted the Best Start Up in Marketing and Best Start Up in Entertainment. The Mobile Peer Awards is a key event organized around the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. A jury of industry experts chose Layar from over 90 leading Mobile Startups. The prize for best startup in Mobile Marketing is granted in partnership with the Mobile Marketing Association, the prize for Mobile Premier Award in Entertainment is handed out in partnership with the Mobile Entertainment Forum.

The Mobile Premier Awards are the point of reference in startup premiers during the Mobile World Congress and are organized by dotopen in collaboration with some of the main networks in the industry including MobileMonday, Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), Mobile Entertainment Forum (MEF), MEX,, Women 2.0 and the Women in Mobile Data Association.

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Marc René Gardeya is founder and CEO of Hoppala Agency, Germany. He built and operates Hoppala Augmentation, the world's largest developer community and content creation tool for geobased AR, and he received international recognition for rebuilding the Berlin Wall in AR on a consumer mobile device. He built AR experiences for several international campaigns, large scale tourism applications as well as non-profit educational projects. Marc is developing core technology in the field of mobile augmented reality and computer vision. He built the real time SLAM 3D optical tracker and the foundations of the monocular 3D reconstruction system on an iPad2 for Dekko Inc., San Francisco. He is an international speaker, mentor and trainer. Marc has a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and has been working in the field of software engineering for more than 10 years.
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