Shackbox is the most complete hamradio Linux live CD for amateur radio operators created by Hervé Pellarin. The Shackbox map project’s main goal is to offer the most complete frequency book in Mobile Augmented Reality. Hoppala provided the backend technology to run the Shackbox Mobile AR application in Layar. Read more…

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ARwalk Art 3D

Hoppala provided the backend technology to our partner Superimpose to run one of the first 3D Mobile Augmented Reality applications for Layar: ARwalk Art 3D.

Superimpose again proved the awesomeness of 3D in Mobile AR. They hung up an upscaled version of this famous design by dutch artist Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) in the sky – in augmented space. Using your handset you can literally explore the three dimensional structures. Read more…

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Mobile AR for U.S. ticketing service Ticket Channel

Hoppala developed a Mobile Augmented Reality application for U.S. ticketing service Ticket Channel. The Ticket Channel application for Layar is available for Google Android phones and Apple iPhone. It uses the mobile device’s camera, GPS, and compass to access local points of interest allowing users to buy tickets immediately.

The Layar Reality Browser allows mobile users to panoramically scan their environments 360 degrees in real-time for live events in their city or neighborhood based on a selected radius and GPS location. Read more…

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Layar meets Qype

Turn your mobile phone’s camera display into a local information and recommendation portal with Qype for Layar. Just point your handset to any restaurant or bar around you and learn about people’s recommendations. “Layar meets Qype” brings Qype recommendations of restaurants, bars and events right onto your mobile phone. is the leading recommendation portal in Germany, Great Britain and France.

Imagine being in a yet unknown city, looking for a good restaurant in the area. Just use the camera of your mobile phone to view the area around you and immediately find local recommendations of the Qype community magically merged into your camera view. Information widgets show fotos of the place, community ratings, the distance and direction. You can easily browse through the community recommendations on your handset with just one click. Read more…

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Stuttgart Region Clusters

Stuttgart Region Clusters visualizes various industry clusters in the Stuttgart Region, South Germany, in Augmented Reality. The idea was to put location information back into it’s location context. We visualized former tabular raw data in Augmented Reality using simple dot clouds. More or less dense clouds represent the number of companies of a specific industry in that specific region or district.

Using Stuttgart Region Clusters on a Layar equipped mobile phone provides a totally new user experience on industry cluster representation, best done from an exposed view point. Therefore I went up the Stuttgart TV tower to show the power of AR industry cluster visualization from 150 meters above the city’s rooftops. By the way: the Stuttgart TV tower was the world’s first TV tower, it was built in 1954 and it’s 217 meters high. Read more…

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