Mentoring Workshop at DMMK / Create10

This year I joined Germanys multimedia congress DMMK and international conference for creative industries Create10 in Stuttgart. I had the great honor to add to the expert team of the “Visual experience” and the “Mobile experience” workshops. Create10 is succeeding the Creativity World Forum 2009, and together with the DMMK two days conference it is one of the major digital media conferences in Germany. It was held at Stuttgarts creative center in the Römerkastell.

The basic idea of the “Visual experience” workshop was to introduce new visualization technologies to the attendees. The workshop was hosted by Michael Reichart of Digitalwerkstatt Stuttgart and teacher at Macromedia university. Participants passed several project presentations in groups and got a very personal and intense introduction into virtual reality, user interfaces, avatars and augmented reality. Cycling through all presentations there was always enough room for individual discussions as well.

The initial question of the “Mobile experience” workshop was about the future narration type of mobile. Radio bore the radio play, TV bore the series, the PC the internet and mobile? Well, for me the answer is clear: it’s AR. However there are so many methods and technologies for mobile communication. The idea was to enable the attendees to use technologies in a reasonable way. Therefor the challenge was to build a mobile application which tells a story, the beginning was given by host Sascha Rinaldi: “A dead body was found in the Römerkastell”. Participants joined groups around tables and used icon cards and blank canvas to create an interaction flow and story using mobile technologies like video streaming, messaging, web and augmented reality. Experts at every table commented on the pros and cons of the different technologies and their usecases.

The DMMK and Create10 was an interesting and very interactive event. I very much enjoyed being part of it.

More videos about the DMMK congress and Create10 are available on the DMMK + Create10 playlist at the MFG Baden-Württemberg YouTube Channel.

About Marc

Marc René Gardeya is founder and CEO of Hoppala Agency, Germany. He built and operates Hoppala Augmentation, the world's largest developer community and content creation tool for geobased AR, and he received international recognition for rebuilding the Berlin Wall in AR on a consumer mobile device. He built AR experiences for several international campaigns, large scale tourism applications as well as non-profit educational projects. Marc is developing core technology in the field of mobile augmented reality and computer vision. He built the real time SLAM 3D optical tracker and the foundations of the monocular 3D reconstruction system on an iPad2 for Dekko Inc., San Francisco. He is an international speaker, mentor and trainer. Marc has a Masters degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and has been working in the field of software engineering for more than 10 years.
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